Indoor & Outdoor

our naturalist will guide your activities according to season.


B R hills is rich in bird life and is home for many birds, more than 300 bird species is found in this region. This region is paradise for birds; many wildlife photographers do visit this place for bird photography.

Giridarshini has a record and home for some 25 species of birds.


trekking is allowed only in the area allotted to trekking visitors and guests are not allowed o trek without the permission from the hotel management, and to trek with our naturalist only.

We do take people to sunset point, and view point, and near the lake side nature walk, plantation visit, temple visit, morning road safari. Safari: please note: safari is in K.gudi 18 kilometer away from our home stay government gypsy are available basis on first come first serve, we are not guarantee for the available for safari.

Timings for safari:
Morning - 7 am to 9 am in K.Gudi
Evening - 3:30 to 6 pm

Please note: Guests are requested not to travel in the forest after 6:30 pm and not to park the vehicle on the main road; we are co operating with the department for the conservation and safety of the animals and our guests.

Giridarshini Rooms

We have 8 beautiful cottages in a single building which has beautiful balcony and open balcony from the room with beautiful slide glass window, which has a plantation look from inside.